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We hope you're well and enjoying the new studio space. We still have quite a bit to do, but we're getting there!


Following the Members' Meeting held on 1st April I'd like to ask for help with the following matters:

  • We need a 'task and finish' group to sort out the library once the new shelving has been purchased

  • We could really do with a few 'handy' volunteers that would be willing to form a maintenance team. Led by Ian Graham, the team would lend a hand when needed for things like hanging work, fixing shelves, maintaining easels etc.

  • One of the members, suggested a group visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 13 June — 20 August 2023, Do we have anyone interested in leading on this? eg. compile a list of interested members, research what's needed for travel, book the slot etc.

Fully supported by Committee members, it would be great if we had a couple of volunteers who would be prepared to help out with events and exhibitions. Things like compiling lists of exhibitors, listing art works, liaising with venues etc.

If you're interested in any of the above volunteering opportunities, then we'd love to hear from you. Just email Sharon at


Updated: Apr 11, 2023

At the recent 150th Annual General Meeting, David Brown was presented with a plaque to honour his 20 years of service to the club.

David has served for may years as secretary and in various other roles such as president, committee member, class leader, constitution author, company director, historian and archivist.

He is still the club historian and archivist, and an active member.

The Plaque was made by Kathy Dereli who was chosen especially as she is one of David's favourite artists.

Kathy, a great sculptor and long-time member of the club, was also a student of Terry McDonald (who we published an obituary for recently), who was a master sculptor who made a plaque for the Club secretary J.M.Moorehouse that was featured in last years Williamson exhibition.

Commissioning this plaque continues a new club tradition for honouring members who have made exceptional contributions over very long periods of time above and beyond the long serving members board that honours members of 20 years or more.


The next Members' Meeting of the Liver Sketching Club Limited is scheduled for:

Saturday 1st April 2023 at 1.00pm at new studio located at Studio Room 21, 2nd floor in Oriel Chambers.

As per our constitution, the club is managed by a committee of up to 10 club members who serve for a period of two years from the Members’ Meeting at which they were elected after which time they must stand for re-election and, if successful, serve for a further two years.

All club members are entitled to stand for election to serve on the committee and we are actively seeking new members to serve from this year until March 2025.

We hope to see many of you there.

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