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Liver Sketching Club are excited to announce a new suite of taught classes led by Peter Holland.

The cost of the course is £85 for non - LSC members, and reduced to just £65 for LSC members!

Intro to Drawing

Consisting of five fun and interactive 3hr Sunday afternoon tutored sessions, covering the fundamentals of drawing in different mediums. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to brush up on your skills, this is a great course to help you boost your creativity with other art enthusiasts.

We will cover these subjects: 

- the head and face,

- the body (basic anatomy), 

- hands and feet,

- a little on fabrics and their folds and draping,

- a little on formal perspective, which can be applied to anything (interiors, exteriors, and objects), and abstracted forms. 

We will cover different common materials:


- graphite pencils,

- chalk and charcoal,

- ink.


- colour pencils,

- pastels,

- working on white and coloured backgrounds.


- sharpening,

- erasing.

Various techniques:

- things like your body posture and tool grip when drawing,

- things to practice as homework to improve skills,

- measurement,

- working at different scales,

- shading,

- speed, pressure, and varying mark making,

- modes of thinking and seeing.

And drawing fundamentals such as:

- line,

- shape,

- form,

- tonal value,

- colour theory.

The aim is to cover a robust set of methods, techniques and thought processes to give you a solid practical grounding in drawing.

Materials you will need to bring: 

Participants will bring in their own materials (easels and drawing boards are available in the studio). The list of recommeded materials will be sent after the booking is confirmed.

Note: the maximum number of participants are 12. Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

To reserve your place on the course, email

Course dates: March 24th, April 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

Time: 1-4pm.

Cost: £85 for non-members, £65 for LSC members.

Venue: Liver Sketching Club Studio, Room 21, 2nd Floor, Oriel Chambers Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L2 8TD.

Drawing in graphite

Drawing in colour pencil

Drawing in ink

Drawing in pastel

While the course is available via Eventbrite, if you contact directly, you can avoid paying any additional booking fees.

Cancellations / Refunds:

Since the course is limited to just 12 spaces, cancellations close to the start date may result in places not being able to be filled, or the course not being able to run. Therefore, we would highly appreciate if you could inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. Full refunds available up to two weeks before the start date, i.e., Sunday 10th March 2024. After March 10th, we cannot offer refunds regardless of the reason for cancellation, such as illness, personal or professional commitments, or a change of mind, as it will be close enough to the start date that finding someone to fill the position might be difficult or impossible, which could risk the course not being able to run for the other attendees. However, if you do wish to cancel after March 10th, and you know someone who can take your place, we can accommodate their substitution.


Please see below the last dates for classes before Christmas and their respective start dates in the New Year.

Monday Class

Last class 18th December - reopening 8th January

Tuesday Class

Last class 19th Decemeber - reopening 2nd January

Thursday Class

Last class 14th December - reopening 4th January

Friday Class

Last class 15th December - reopening 5th January

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a merry christmas and happy New Year.


Our next all day drawing event will be taking place at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead on Saturday 25th November.

The gallery will be open from 10am-5pm, with models sitting from 10am.

This event is free to club members aswell as to anyone else who would like to join so please spread the word.

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