To all members:

From Les:

Please note that this year I shall not be running (or postponing by a day) the AFTERNOON Life class which would be due to take place on August 30th. Monday afternoon Life classes will resume the following week on 6th September. The Friday afternoon Life classes, which I also run, will continue as normal throughout.

From Jen:

Monday 30th August is a bank holiday, so no classes then. Instead, there will be a class on Tuesday morning [31st] from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Model is Julie. Everyone welcome.


Although membership is at its highest level for many years and online sessions continue to attract substantial numbers, attendance at many of our classes in the studio is very low - for obvious reasons.

Clearly, uncertainty regarding the use of public transport and mixing with others in the studio are the major factors. We have no control over public transport, but everything possible is being done to make the studio safe. Members arrive with masks and can remove them only when in place to draw or paint. They are worn again as soon as anyone moves from that space and, if there are more than seven people in the studio, masks are worn throughout. All the studio windows are open for the duration of each class, the studio door is usually propped open, and hand sanitisers are available for members' use.

If you think anything else could be done to increase safety in the studio, please let the Committee know

Some information about the classes:

Unfortunately, the Saturday afternoon portrait class has been suspended with immediate effect because of low attendance. It will resume once we can be sure of attendance levels. The Monday morning life class is running well. 10.30am to1.30pm.

Neither the Monday afternoon life class or the Friday afternoon life class now require pre-booking and numbers are no longer limited, so just turn up. Monday is 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Friday is 1pm to 4pm.

The Tuesday evening portrait class is, of course, available online but it is far better to be in front of a live model if at all possible. 6pm to 8pm.

The Wednesday Open class, the only class which doesn't use models, is progressing well. It starts at 10am, so arrive during the morning to get the most benefit from the session.

The Thursday evening life class is streamed online once each month but as Peter, who runs the class, says, "In person you have more control over your viewing angle. The class is friendly, relaxed, and supportive". 6pm to 8pm - although Peter is planning something different during August. See Facebook and website for details.

The Saturday morning life class is also going well. 10am to 1pm.

Non-members are welcome at all of our classes.

As the situation nationally begins to open up, we hope members will feel confident enough to consider returning to classes in the studio and we look forward to seeing members back in Oriel Chambers again soon.

This information has also been emailed to all club members including the 'distance' members who live away from Liverpool in the hope they are able to visit the studio whenever they are anywhere near. They are always especially welcome.

Comments always welcome, please email


Due to a change of model, the planned Thursday evening schedule for the next few weeks will be different:

Thursday 12th and 19th August will be 6pm-9pm with a single long pose between them. The intention is for people to be able to work on something intensively.

Thursday 26th will be back to normal (6-8pm with mixed poses).

If there is sufficient appetite, 2nd Sept will continue the same long pose from the first two weeks, 6-9pm, which will conclude 9hrs total for that pose.

Peter, who runs the class, would appreciate hearing in advance if people are interested in the long pose sessions to get an idea of numbers. His contact details can be found in the classes timetable on the home page.