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Sharon Kayll-Mathews

I am a printmaker that likes to paint, and sometimes a painter that likes to print. Either way, studying the human form has been a constant theme and fascination for me.

The play of light, the shadows and the shapes help me to draw my portraits and my figures. I rarely draw through measurement, but rather by exporing the interrelationship between the positive shapes and negative spaces.

I like the unpredictability of the printmaking process, whether it's a drypoint, collograph, lino or etch. I am intrigued and often surprised at how applying the ink or wiping can dramatically change an edition.

Oil paints allow me to be expressive in my use of colour, while savouring the smell and feel of the paint. I have recently been painting portraits using digital software, which again provides me with a whole new experience in making art.

Follow my journey on Instagram @skayllm and @skayllm_print

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