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Working mainly in oils, I enjoy exploring all media. Much of my work is landscape, reflecting my love of, and involvement in, the outdoor world. My website shows my interest in exploring the landsacpes of the face and figure too. I enjoy the process of my art as much as the finished product

Lynn Bass

Originally trained as a graphic designer, I have only recently taken up painting in oils, and have also experimented with pastels and charcoal. I have tackled a variety of subjects, but my first love is portraiture, and my web site reflects this.My style could best be described as ‘painterly realism’. When painting a portrait, however, my first aim is not to impose a style but to start with the person, and with God’s enabling to produce as life-like an image as possible. A friend of someone I painted recently said: “She hasn’t just got a likeness, she’s got YOU!” – and that is really what my work is all about. Lynn Bass

Painter in oils - mainly portraits, nudes and townscapes.


President of the Liver Sketching Club in 2013, 2007 & 2005 and Secretary 2003 to 2009. Author of "The History of the Liver Sketching Club".


Member and past Secretary of the Wirral Society of Arts.


My work consists mostly of oil paintings and pencil/charchol drawings created from photos. I like my work to look realistic but also like a work of art rather than a photo. I am a self-taught artist and have taken part in various exhbitions and undertaken many commissions. I am happy to take commissons for portraits of people or pets, for landscapes or anything that you would like to see as a work of art.


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